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  • Germans offered incentives to buy electric cars
  • Germans offered incentives to buy electric cars
    Robert Couse-Baker (2013) ©

Germans offered incentives to buy electric cars

Electric vehicles are better for the environment, they save you money, and require very little maintenance  so why aren’t more people buying them? Germans could soon be offered state incentives to purchase electric cars in a bid to move the nation further along an eco-friendly path.



  • Article image Rockar: the UK’s first digital car dealership

    While tech has revolutionised purchasing in many retail sectors, the car buying process remains entrenched in the past. Can all-digital dealership Rockar – which offers a convenience normally associated with shopping for clothes or food – bring the auto industry up to speed?

  • A third of German electricity is green A third of German electricity is green

    Germany is setting records when it comes to sustainability. The country is increasing the percentage of renewable energy it produces and is far ahead of most other developed nations. But what sets the land of beer and bratwurst apart when it comes to the environment?

  • Article image Tesla Autopilot: an automatic car cult

    Tesla didn’t set out just to challenge the automotive sector – it wants to change it. It ranks in the top five brands among motor enthusiasts, and celebrity fans of Tesla include Jay-Z, Ben Affleck and Jay Leno. But how has an electric car company become a cool cult brand?

  • Article image Formula E: making electric cars cool

    There are over one billion cars on the world’s roads today, but just 400,000 of them are electric. With issues surrounding recharging, driving range and aesthetics, they are simply not cool. All-electric racing series Formula E hopes to change perceptions. But will it work?