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  • UK restaurant chains are too basic
  • UK restaurant chains are too basic
    Matthew Kenwrick (2009) ©

UK restaurant chains are too basic

What’s the UK’s favourite high street restaurant chain? Nandos? Pizza Express? Zizzi? While they all rank highly as Brits' go-to places for affordable eats, a survey of 2,000 diners has found that 62% consider the food available on high streets to be ‘far too basic.’



  • Article image Do Brits prefer to eat British?

    British produce is en vogue. Government strategies have been launched to push domestically grown food, while a growing number of supermarkets are making public commitments to British meat, milk and eggs. But what does the British brand add? And what does the label mean to consumers?

  • Article image City Pantry: bringing street food to meeting rooms

    Be it a gourmet burger, falafel wrap or hand-held curry, 2.5 billion people around the world tuck into some form of street food every day. City Pantry now wants to bring that succulent grub into offices, replacing the usual corporate fare of stale sandwiches. Can it revolutionise the city lunch?

  • Article image Nando's: a Peri Peri British institution

    With fans ranging from David Cameron to Jay-Z, it’s clear that Nando’s is a modern British institution. Popular with every kind of diner, the restaurant has nearly 300 restaurants across the UK and has just begun its expansion into North America. What’s the appeal of going for a ‘cheeky Nando’s’?

  • Brits still love cod and chips Brits still love cod and chips

    Despite increased awareness and availability of healthy foods, 30% of women and 41% of men in the UK still enjoy a fish supper from the local chippy at least once a month. And there are no airs and graces; 52% don't bother with a plate and eat straight from the paper.