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  • Asda creates a veg box for the masses
  • Asda creates a veg box for the masses
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Asda creates a veg box for the masses

‘Ugly veg’ doesn’t make it on to supermarket shelves. Around 15% of potatoes will never be placed in a trolley because they are too big, small or blemished, and 15% of parsnips will never leave the farm. Asda is bucking this trend, selling ‘wonky veg boxes’ at a cut cost.



  • Japanese farmers name their misshapen veg Japanese farmers name their misshapen veg

    Misshapen vegetables don't generally tend to sell well – if at all – but Kyoto farmers have found a way around this by making up strange names for their wares. Often their namesakes are famous places in and around the city.

  • Article image Are we all ready to start veggin' out?

    Only 3% of the UK population identify as vegetarian. But thanks to a switch in tactics, the movement is gaining pace – and a weekly slot in people's stomachs. Can meat-free Michelin-starred restaurants, celebrity chefs, and veg delivery services cure people's appetite for meat?

  • Article image Why we’ll soon be eating ‘rubbish’

    Between 30% and 50% of the world’s food is wasted. As food concerns and interest in ethical living continues to grow, are we becoming more open to eating less-than-perfect ‘ugly fruit’ or dining at a ‘past its sell-by date’ restaurant? But is food waste really good enough to eat?

  • Rebranding 'ugly' fruit and vegetables Rebranding 'ugly' fruit and vegetables

    With an estimated 300 million tonnes of fruit and vegetables wasted each year, the European Union has christened 2014 as the "Year against Food Waste". French supermarket Intermarche has responded by challenging perceptions of 'ugly' fruits and vegetables.