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  • Boots revises sexist pricing
  • Boots revises sexist pricing
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Boots revises sexist pricing

Being a woman is expensive. The ‘pink tax' on women's products adds extra costs for female consumers, who already pay more due to 'luxury' taxes on essential items like tampons. In response to consumer demand, Boots has changed the way it prices items in a display of equality.



  • A shop that charges women 24% less than men A shop that charges women 24% less than men

    In Pennsylvania, there's a store named 76<100, where women are charged 76% of the price men pay for any item. It might sound unfair, but as far as the shop's concerned, so is the wage gap. In a state where women earn 76 cents for every dollar men make, this store is intending to raise awareness.

  • Gender gap widens in the UK Gender gap widens in the UK

    The global gender gap is narrowing, according to the Global Gender Gap Report 2014, with 105 countries in the world becoming more equal and providing a better place for women to live. But surprisingly, in the United Kingdom the opposite is true.

  • Article image American Apparel: bringing back the bush

    To boost sales for Valentine's Day, American Apparel’s NYC SoHo branch adorned its mannequins with faux pubic hair. The message: au naturel is best. But is it anything more than a PR stunt?

  • Article image Can Elle rebrand feminism?

    A 'taboo' topic with enduring stereotypes, feminism has often been avoided by women's magazines – until now. Can a new campaign by British fashion magazine Elle 'rebrand' feminism?