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  • Unlockd will pay your phone bill for watching ads
  • Unlockd will pay your phone bill for watching ads
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Unlockd will pay your phone bill for watching ads

People are hooked on their handsets, checking their phones up to 200 times a day. And Aussie start-up Unlockd has found a way to make use of this – by getting them to view an advert every time they unlock their device. Why? Because if they do, they'll get a discount on their phone bill.



  • Aussies' old phones are worth big bucks Aussies' old phones are worth big bucks

    Aussies are known the world over as an easy-going bunch, kicking back with BBQs and a few beers on the beach. But they're also too laid back to know when they're sitting on big bucks; almost half of smartphone users aren't selling their old handsets, and they're worth more than you might think.

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    Nobody likes mobile ads. They pop up to hold apps hostage and make browsing highly frustrating. InMobi is now hoping to make them more entertaining, charming and human with the launch of MIIP, a virtual sloth. But can a furry helper really make mobile ads less annoying?

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    Americans consume more than half of all digital media through mobile apps, and Vungle hopes to become the 'Google of mobile ads'. But can an ad network based on hints and rewards for gamers dominate the in-app advertising market? And do players really want ads while they game?

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    With 4.7 million Australians currently over 60, this age group dominates both the physical and digital worlds. Silver surfers are taking over the internet, with 50% of over 60s jumping on the social media bandwagon. But what goes on in the secret digital lives of over-60 Aussies?