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  • Ridesharing apps are being used for dating
  • Ridesharing apps are being used for dating
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Ridesharing apps are being used for dating

While ridesharing services like UberPool, Lyft Line and Via are used to get you from A to B, can they can also get you a date along the way? This is the latest phenomenon in the world of digital dating; users who meet in the backseat of a stranger’s car are going on to get intimate elsewhere.



  • Article image The Shade Room: celebrity gossip for Gens Y and Z

    The Shade Room is the first celebrity news tabloid to launch as an Instagram account – a fitting platform for a generation seeking content that's 24/7, on-the-go, highly visual and bottom-up. It's celebrity gossip done by, and for, Gens Y and Z, targeted specifically at young, black audiences.

  • Fatibolady offers Nigerian women advice on Instagram Fatibolady offers Nigerian women advice on Instagram

    Would you consider sharing your personal problems on Instagram? While in the West, women might sit down with a friend and tell them their woes over a cuppa or even catch an episode of Oprah, women in Nigeria are turning to a very different friend – Instagram-based agony aunt Fatibolady.

  • Article image Facebook Safety Check: keeping the crowd connected in times of need

    In the 24 hours following the attacks on Paris, 4.1 million people marked themselves ‘safe’ on Facebook. It prevailed as a practical tool for the masses; a way to alleviate worry and spur a collective sigh of relief. But is Safety Check simply a helpful feature or yet another way to perpetuate fear?

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    Facebook group Wavey Garms is a place to sell second-hand designer clothing – but not everyone gets accepted. With over 1,000 membership requests every week, what’s drawing the numbers?