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  • Fintech start-up lets fans invest in football
  • Fintech start-up lets fans invest in football
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Fintech start-up lets fans invest in football

Fintech start-ups are disrupting the financial industry, providing people with different and more intuitive ways to bank. And Israel-based fintech start-up FBFM – Football Fans Marketplace – is revolutionising investing further by letting football fans invest in their favourite players and clubs.



  • Article image How data is driving the game and the fans

    The average smartphone owner reaches for their device over 150 times a day, so it’s no surprise that people can’t switch off when watching sport in stadiums or at home. With a breadth of stats and analysis available at the touch of a button, how has technology changed the fan experience?

  • Article image FanAngel: crowdfunding college athletes

    College sport is big business in America, with 2.6 million people regularly watching NCAA college matches on TV. Looking to tap into that market, FanAngel is crowdfunded platform which allows users to incentivise their favourite players and teams.

  • Article image The Green Soccer Journal: a new niche of football fandom

    For many lads in the UK, football is key to their upbringing. More than half a billion people watched the FA Cup final in 2013 – sports fans are a formidable group. But is rampant misogyny, hooliganism, and heavy drinking really the hallmarks of a modern footy fan?

  • Article image FanDuel: betting on your favourite fantasy team every day of the week

    The fantasy football market is worth an estimated $1.66 billion. FanDuel is an app that turns every day of the week into ‘game day’ for fantasy footballers. But can it prove popular amongst 30-something men and feed their need for instant gratification and daily competition?