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  • Grailed simplifies shopping for pre-owned men's fashion
  • Grailed simplifies shopping for pre-owned men's fashion
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Grailed simplifies shopping for pre-owned men's fashion

In recent years, sites like Depop, Twice and Thredup – online marketplaces breathing new life into pre-owned clothes – have emerged as contenders to eBay. Now, Grailed – an online second-hand designer clothing marketplace exclusively for men’s goods – is set to join their ranks.



  • Handbags are the must-have men's accessory Handbags are the must-have men's accessory

    When they first appeared, they were called manbags and murses, but now they're simply men's bags. The expanding range and popularity of this luxury accessory now accounts for a considerable proportion of the leather goods market and is predicted to continue growing.

  • Article image How is men's hair care growing?

    2015 was the year of the man bun, and as long hair and beards have become part of the mainstream, men are getting experimental. The male hair care product market is set to be worth £68 million by 2019, but what are the attitudes and spending patterns of these follically-focused blokes?

  • Article image Curatum: mobile shopping for the modern man

    Global menswear sales are set to reach $110 billion by 2019, up 36% on 2014. In response, there’s been an influx of stylish start-ups focused solely on men. Curatum is a discovery platform offering one new product each day. Is a minimal, mobile model the right way to get the modern man spending?

  • Article image Have you met Henry?

    Global sales of menswear grew to $440 billion in 2014, and with their high disposable incomes, aspirational young males are prompting luxury fashion and lifestyle brands to expand their offerings. Move over Yuppies, Yummies and Henrys are the new kids on the block – and they’re ready to spend.