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  • Gen Y don't want to apply for insurance online
  • Gen Y don't want to apply for insurance online
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Gen Y don't want to apply for insurance online

Buying insurance is never fun – it’s a grudge purchase. After all, no-one wants to think about their house going up in flames. And this feeling is amplified for Gen Yers, who often fail to see insurance as part of their financial picture. Insurers are adapting in order to appeal to this generation.



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    Why would you buy life insurance?

    The attitude to buying life insurance is unlike getting a car or shopping for groceries. After all, who wants to think about dying? Yet despite their reluctance, 39% of Gen Yers claimed they’d get a policy in 2015. How are insurers making the process of getting life cover easier and more accessible?

  • AXA France launches insurance for smart homes

    AXA France launches insurance for smart homes

    Fancy keeping tabs on your home from your mobile phone? AXA France has the answer. The growth of the Internet of Things has led the company to launch its first insurance plan for the connected home. Could the use of connected devices be the future approach to home protection?

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    How to make people think about tomorrow, today

    Would you rather jet off to the Bahamas next week, or save and go in a years’ time? In an ‘I want it now’ culture, thinking for the future is hard. When two-thirds of boomers retire they won’t have saved enough to maintain their lifestyle. How can brands encourage people to think about tomorrow, today?

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    Metromile: pay-as-you drive car insurance

    The US car insurance industry is worth around $199 billion - but car use is declining, and one third of people sought a new insurer in 2013. Adapting to changing usage patterns and customer demands, Metromile makes insurance more customer-friendly with a pay-by-the-mile scheme.