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  • Sales of CCTV equipment on the rise
  • Sales of CCTV equipment on the rise
    BMW Guggenheim Lab (2012) ©

Sales of CCTV equipment on the rise

Like the majority of retailers, electronics specialist Maplin performed strongly over the holidays thanks to the bountiful peaks of Black Friday sales in the run up to Christmas. But in an unexpected turn, the biggest growth category for the retailer was CCTV equipment.



  • Sapience brings CCTV to the office Sapience brings CCTV to the office

    How many minutes a day do you spend not working at work? Those ‘quick breaks’ checking Facebook or perusing ASOS all add up. Now, thanks to workplace surveillance service Sapience, managers can check exactly what their employees are doing at any point throughout the day.

  • Article image Slack: letting your boss read your emails

    Email is dead – that’s what the tech industry has been saying for the last decade. Yet hundreds of unread messages clutter workers’ inboxes every day. Slack aims to increase productivity by improving communication and transparency across entire businesses. Could this really be the end for email?

  • Article image Who wants to live a monitored life?

    Over 60% of Brits want to see more CCTV in their local area, but 86% of internet users have taken steps to remove or mask their digital footprints. With such a difference in attitudes, we're living in ‘the privacy paradox’. But if we care so much, why do we share so much?

  • Article image Watching out for the 'creepy' line

    When does insightful personalisation become intrusive? And how do brands build lasting relationships with consumers who are concerned about being spied on?