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  • A 3D printing pen for the perfect shade of foundation
  • A 3D printing pen for the perfect shade of foundation
    Ashley MacKinnon MacKinnon (2013) ©

A 3D printing pen for the perfect shade of foundation

From monthly breakouts to uneven skin tone, many women are hard pressed to find the right foundation for their skin. Fear no more ladies  a new beauty gadget is promising to produce the perfect foundation for any complexion, from the most porcelain white to heavenly ebony.



  • Article image My Beauty Matches: beauty advice driven by data

    With e-commerce accounting for just 6.2% of beauty sales, it’s clear that the industry is still ruled by the high street. Offering an alternative to in-store assistants, My Beauty Matches uses a data-led approach to generate personalised product advice. Can it convince people to buy beauty goods online?

  • L’Oréal makes skin care tech L’Oréal makes skin care tech

    Is there such a thing as too much sun? The high rates of skin cancer in some of the world's hot spots suggests there is. L’Oréal is making its first foray into the tech sphere with a UV-sensitive skin patch, joining the growing ranks of beauty brands that are expanding into tech.

  • Article image Geneu U+: skincare tailored to your DNA

    Everyone has a skin problem – saggy, dull, greasy or dry. Spots are no longer a teenage problem; half of adults have acne. Geneu has developed U+, in-store technology that tailors skincare to customer’s DNA. But do we really want to mix science into our beauty regime?

  • Article image Mink: 3D-print a colourful new make-up kit

    The make-up aisles of today's pharmacies are a bright spectrum of colour – but there's always that one perfect shade of lipstick no company seems to make. Harvard Business School graduate Grace Choi is eliminating this irritation with Mink – a 3D printer just for make-up.