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  • AirCloset is empowering Japanese career women
  • AirCloset is empowering Japanese career women
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AirCloset is empowering Japanese career women

Between keeping up with emails and picking up the kids from school, being a working mum is tiring, wherever you are in the world. But in Japan, where Shinzō Abe’s commitment to getting women in the workforce is seeing a spike in their ranks, it’s presenting a host of new business opportunities.



  • Female entrepreneurs are crowdfunding in Japan Female entrepreneurs are crowdfunding in Japan

    The entrepreneurial bug has been contagious in Japan, and much like the rest of the world, crowdfunding has become the go-to kick-start for new businesses. Increasingly, these sites are populated by women, who are now responsible for 50% of Japanese crowdfunding projects.

  • Article image Memebox: bringing K-beauty to the US

    The Korean wave phenomenon – also known as hallyu – has seen South Korean culture exported across the globe, and the nation’s beauty sector is now following in its wake. Having seen success domestically, Memebox intends to ride this wave to the US, bringing with it curated K-beauty boxes.

  • Article image Do Japanese women dream of domesticity?

    By 2020, Japan's prime minister Shinzō Abe wants women to fill 30% of the nation's senior management roles. Yet despite efforts to get women into work, a growing number are targeting domestic bliss. Are dreams of a family funded by a high-earning husband anything more than a fairytale?

  • Article image GU Fitting: borrow a bag before you buy

    Nearly 50% of people return clothes bought online, for reasons from the wrong fit to not liking the colour. But what if you could experience owning things without having to buy them first? The GU Fitting service in Japan lets people try an outfit for a day before paying for it.