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  • The humble cashpoint gets a modern makeover
  • The humble cashpoint gets a modern makeover
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The humble cashpoint gets a modern makeover

Irving is a screenless ATM that requires no PIN or card due to the fact it’s got a built-in iris scanner that works in tandem with a mobile app for further authentication. This is just one in a number of innovations that are occurring in an industry-wide attempt to modernise the humble cashpoint.



  • Article image 2016 Expert Outlook on money

    What can mobile wallets offer beyond payments? How are online-only banks taking on the industry’s ‘big four’? And what would convince apathetic consumers to switch their accounts? The 2016 Expert Outlook on money explores the brands and tech impacting lending, savings and payments.

  • Article image MasterCard Selfie Payments: pics become passwords

    The average Gen Yer spends five hours a week taking photos of themselves. Knowing how much this group loves a selfie, and that ease is considered the most important feature of banking, MasterCard is hoping its ‘selfie’ payment method will get them snapping and spending like there’s no tomorrow.

  • This is the future of the ATM This is the future of the ATM

    There’s a limit to the number of things a standard ATM can do, with most people simply using them to get cash and check their bank balance. Now, Chase Bank is introducing EBKs – or electronic banking kiosks – which give people more tools to manage their money.

  • Article image Who's fixing life's little things?

    As people grow accustomed to new levels of convenience, there’s an increasing demand for brands to stamp out the little irritations. Enter the modern challenger brand.