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  • Where people want to work is changing
  • Where people want to work is changing
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Where people want to work is changing

Students of the 21st century are hungry for a career that can give them the world. Many are leaving school laden with ambition, entrepreneurial spirit and an impressive history of extracurricular activities, but can the career landscape really offer what they’re after?



  • Where Gen Y works is a part of who they are Where Gen Y works is a part of who they are

    Post-digitisation, the people who work for you can sometimes resonate even more clearly with audiences than businesses themselves. But in order to draw the best young talent, businesses are increasingly required to remember that for Gen Y and Z, ‘where I work’ translates to ‘who I am’.

  • Article image Are Generation Z just a bunch of squares?

    They don’t smoke, they don’t drink, and they want nothing more than to own a house and start a business. The kids of Generation Z may not even be 20 yet, but they've already earned a reputation as a bunch of squares. But are these digital natives really born to be mild?

  • Article image 80,000 hours: career coaching for ethically minded go-getters

    Over 70% of students think having a job where they can make an impact is essential to their happiness, but many people joining the workforce are under a lot of financial strain. Can career-coaching organisation 80,000 Hours convince ethically minded Millennials to ‘earn to give’?

  • Article image A very Millennial way of working

    The pursuit of happiness within the workplace has always been important - and as Millennials join the workforce, they're vocalising it more than ever. So how can a company make things work for current employees and ensure they’re appealing to today's many jobseekers too?