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  • A personal loans company that’s also an elite club
  • A personal loans company that’s also an elite club
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A personal loans company that’s also an elite club

What would make you switch to a new financial service provider? Free cocktails? VIP treatment? US firm SoFi is looking to win new customers with a membership programme that makes borrowers feel like a million dollars. But is it possible to build a community around a banking service?



  • The fintech start-up helping established giants The fintech start-up helping established giants

    Fintech start-ups are commonly positioned as a threat to established financial institutions, providing consumers with more digital ways to bank. Toronto-based Dream Payments, however, is taking a different approach, aiming to help established giants rather than hurt them.

  • Article image Why do people become members?

    As people spend less time in traditional communities, they’re seeking connections beyond religion and family. Memberships with organisations or brands can create loyalty and boost revenues, but the reasons to join Scientology or Sainsbury’s are vastly different. So why do people become members?

  • Article image SocietyOne: young Aussies borrow crowdfunded cash

    For a generation of young Australians, traditional banking models are losing their lustre, and the financial sector is getting a digital shakedown. Whether you need a loan to buy livestock or help through medical school, peer-to-peer lender SocietyOne is offering a different solution.

  • Article image Vouch: the lending social network

    When we run into trouble, friends and family have our backs. And it's a good job – with payday lenders charging extortionate fees and trust in banks low, who do financially fragile Gen Y turn to when they're in need? This alternative lender will front you cash, whilst taking pressure off your pals.