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  • & Other Stories shows different kinds of beauty
  • & Other Stories shows different kinds of beauty
    & Other Stories (2015) ©

& Other Stories shows different kinds of beauty

Who says armpit hair isn’t beautiful? & Other Stories' new campaign challenges beauty ideals by showing normal women in their underwear, complete with their 'imperfections'. The ‘For Women, By Women’ campaign aims to “portray a more diverse view on the traditional notion of beauty.”



  • Neon moon makes feminist lingerie Neon moon makes feminist lingerie

    Feminism and lingerie haven’t always seen eye to eye. From restrictive corsets to the uncomfortable underwire – women haven’t always had their pick of beautiful and comfortable bras. Today, 'feminist lingerie brand' Neon Moon is changing that – with no bra burning involved.

  • Article image What does ‘beauty’ really mean?

    With 350 million photos uploaded to Facebook every day, people are creating and looking at more images of themselves today than at any other point in history. And as our lives become permanently on display through the growth of social media, it’s changing how we see ourselves.

  • Article image American Apparel: bringing back the bush

    To boost sales for Valentine's Day, American Apparel’s NYC SoHo branch adorned its mannequins with faux pubic hair. The message: au naturel is best. But is it anything more than a PR stunt?

  • Article image Can Elle rebrand feminism?

    A 'taboo' topic with enduring stereotypes, feminism has often been avoided by women's magazines – until now. Can a new campaign by British fashion magazine Elle 'rebrand' feminism?