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  • Investors choose talent over hard work
  • Investors choose talent over hard work
    David Cornejo (2009) ©

Investors choose talent over hard work

Socially, we like to believe that hard graft is more valuable than natural talent; that 1% of inspiration is important, but it’s the 99% of perspiration that really counts. But when it comes to investors, studies suggest the allure of raw talent regularly wins out over a safe pair of hands.



  • For many Gen Yers, the American Dream is dead For many Gen Yers, the American Dream is dead

    The American Dream – loosely defined as upward mobility achieved through hard work – forms the cornerstone of America’s national ethos, held aloft by everyone from F. Scott Fitzgerald to Bruce Springsteen. But according to a recent poll of Gen Yers, for many the dream is dead.

  • Article image Motif: helping Gen Y invest in their ideas

    Retail investment is changing, with algorithms set to replace personal advisors as Wall Street is ‘Uber-ified’. Aiming to give Gen Yers more control over their cash, Motif Investing lets users build their portfolios by theme, from gay-friendly to fossil-free. Can it give the robots a run for their money?

  • Article image The Startup Hour: investing from the comfort of your couch

    The Startup Hour is a TV show that combines ‘the excitement of a reality TV contest with the urgency of the New York Stock Exchange trading floor’. Promising a new twist on an old format, are people ready to combine cold hard cash with light evening entertainment? Or is it just another gimmick? 

  • Article image Acorns: stocks and shares on your smartphone

    Over a third of 18-year-olds don’t understand what stocks and shares are – and of those that do, 30% are put off by hidden costs. The Acorns app lets you invest your small change as you buy a coffee or a cardigan – but can it get young adults interested in the stock market?