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  • Luxury brands are going green
  • Luxury brands are going green
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Luxury brands are going green

Brands around the globe are shouting about the slightest eco-friendly credential in an attempt to garner positive publicity, but not in every industry. The luxury fashion world has been quietly implementing green changes to production without much fanfare; but why are they staying silent?



  • How luxury shoppers are changing retail How luxury shoppers are changing retail

    With huge spending power, luxury shoppers are highly coveted by brands. And it’s even more pronounced in the US, where the top 10% of household earners account for around half of all expenditure. A new report from BI Intelligence demonstrates how these shoppers are changing retail.

  • Article image Should luxury brands ‘do social’?

    The luxury goods market is worth €224 billion, so it’s no surprise that when it comes to change, many top-tier brands see no point in fixing something that doesn’t seem broken. But has a conservative approach to brand messaging grown stale? And how does luxury fit into a world of tweets and likes?

  • Article image A sector snapshot of luxury

    Why do people want their technology products to be precious? Why is personal service more important than ever? Should the luxury sector be keeping an eye on social? And how are airports emerging as the 'sixth continent'?

  • Article image What does luxury look like?

    What is luxury? How does strategy in the luxury sector work? And what can it teach other brands? Marco Bevolo, one of the authors of Premium by Design: how to understand, design and market high end products, provides a vision of the business of prestige, desire and seduction.