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  • BBC experiments with personalised video
  • BBC experiments with personalised video
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BBC experiments with personalised video

Want to watch a film that’s tailored to your personality and preferences? Thanks to the BBC’s latest experiment with ‘perceptive media’ – content that adapts to its audience using information like age, gender or location – now you can. And it's giving unique viewers a unique experience.



  • BBC to launch a chart show for news

    BBC to launch a chart show for news

    The BBC has announced plans to air the ‘Live 5 Hitlist’, a weekly chart show for news that will use data from social media to rank the week’s most popular stories in a Top 40 fashion. It aims to give the public a voice, but will the show reflect what Brits really want to hear?

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    UK Gen Y on Media and Entertainment

    Young and tech-savvy, Gen Yers don't play by the old rules of media consumption. But are they really keeping up with the latest TV via mobile? Have they really rejected ownership for subscription services? Canvas8 sat down with 20 Brits between the ages of 18 and 35 to find out.

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    How will Gen Z change the future of media?

    To see into the future of media, take a look at a 12-year-old’s iPad. Gen Z spend 35 hours a week consuming media. In the first of a two-part report, we look at why Gen Z are choosing tablets over TVs, why streaming services are king, and how this generation's behaviour will shape entertainment’s future.

  • BBC trials interactive content

    BBC trials interactive content

    Video on demand might have changed when we watch television, but press play and the experience is pretty much the same as ever. Now, the BBC want to make online TV a medium in its own right, with original interactive content. And they want the public to help them test it.