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  • America’s ‘dirty sodas’ are spiked with syrup
  • America’s ‘dirty sodas’ are spiked with syrup
    New York Times (2015) ©

America’s ‘dirty sodas’ are spiked with syrup

Thanks in no small part to Starbucks, syrup shots have become a regular feature in coffee cups across the globe. But in Utah, a predominantly Mormon state where alcohol and coffee are off limits, people are spiking their fizzy drinks with extra shots of sugary syrup.



  • Article image AquaBall: The stealthy, healthy drink for kids

    Coke is addictively fizzy and OJ is a deliciously sweet nectar, especially for kids. How has AquaBall – water with no sugar, artificial colours, flavours or calories – nabbed 2% market share in two short years? What’s in AquaBall’s recipe that makes it such a success?

  • America's changing soda tastes America's changing soda tastes

    When scanning the soda aisle in the US people generally come across three flavours – cola, lemon and lime. Oh, and root beer. But DRY Soda founder Sharelle Klaus says tastes are changing, so she's created a soft drink with flavours that cater to more adventurous palates.

  • Article image Surge: the Peter Pan generation drinks up ‘90s nostalgia

    When Coca-Cola brought back '90s favourite Surge, it sold out online within hours. And it's not the only 'revival brand' that's been brought back due to nostalgic consumer demand. But what makes a brand re-issue a discontinued product? And what's driving Gen Y's nostalgia trip?

  • KFC’s Double Down: indulging in grossness KFC’s Double Down: indulging in grossness

    Bacon, two types of cheese and a slick of the Colonel’s secret sauce, squashed between two fried chicken fillets. KFC’s Double Down isn’t so much a sandwich as a deconstructed heart attack. And it's appealing to our grossest desires for spectacular, unapologetic indulgence.