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  • How to make $71,000 selling nothing on Black Friday
  • How to make $71,000 selling nothing on Black Friday
    sharyn morrow (2013) ©

How to make $71,000 selling nothing on Black Friday

For the third year running, Cards Against Humanity has taken a stand against the horrors of Black Friday, this year offering bargain hunters the deal of a lifetime – $5 for absolutely nothing. But why were 11,248 people willing to trade their hard-earned cash for thin air?



  • Article image Give a shit! The science of brand values

    There's one rule that explains how trends catch on; visibility. And more than half of us are now willing to pay more for products that are visibly socially responsible. Professor Lynn Kahle, who studies brand values, explains to Canvas8 why a brand’s values matter and how they influence people.

  • Article image Hans Brinker: the hostel promising an honestly horrible holiday

    Many hostels are keen to premiumise their offerings to distance themselves from damning stereotypes – no towels, filthy rooms and wealthy, wasted 20-somethings. But the Hans Brinker Budget Hotel wears its inadequacy as a badge of honour, winning the hearts of Gen Y globetrotters.

  • Article image The Onion Labs: getting paid by brands to ridicule them

    It may have once satirised branded content – “oh, awesome, a sponsored post by a snack food company on my favorite media website” – but with the creation of an in-house advertising agency, The Onion will now cater to marketers with native videos and articles. Why would any brand pay to be ridiculed?

  • Article image Would you want a brand to be your BFF?

    Digitisation is helping brands and their customers communicate, forming narratives and relationships. Whether it's Netflix taking its viewers to prom, or Anchorman's Ron Burgundy reading the regional news, brands are manifesting in the real world, disguised as human beings.