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  • Smaller clothes for shorter men
  • Smaller clothes for shorter men
    Ash & Anvil (2015) ©

Smaller clothes for shorter men

If your body type is different to what are considered the average proportions for your age or gender, buying clothes off the rack can be challenging. But a clothing start-up called Ash and Anvil is targeting one underserved segment of the market – men who stand under 5'8".



  • Parker & Pine sells plus-size for men Parker & Pine sells plus-size for men

    Plus-size is one of the fashion industry’s fastest-growing sectors; the women’s market in the US was valued at $17.5 billion in 2014. But what about blokes that are a little bigger? Parker & Pine is aiming to create well-fitting, modern clothing for larger men who still want to look good.

  • Article image Why plus-size is a big fashion opportunity

    Picking up a last-minute party dress is easier said than done for plus-size women. The likes of Lululemon and Urban Outfitters don’t make clothes above a US 14, and the industry is losing out on as much as $14 billion by failing to serve this market. So what do curvy women want from their clothes?

  • Skinny doesn't sell to plus-size women Skinny doesn't sell to plus-size women

    “The plus-size customer is lazy, she doesn’t earn much and she doesn’t want real fashion.” According to Zahir Dehnadi, CEO of a plus-size clothing brand Navabi, this is much of the fashion industry’s perspective on plus-size – and it’s losing out on a $17.5 billion market because of it.

  • Article image Marketing to make men spend

    It’s widely believed that women dominate household purchasing decisions – but while this was certainly once true, has it changed over time? In light of new statistics, more and more companies are gearing their offerings and marketing towards men. But are they reaching them?