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  • UK advent calendars have never been less religious
  • UK advent calendars have never been less religious
    Mike Young (2010) ©

UK advent calendars have never been less religious

Brits are renowned animal lovers, and at Christmas, that love is outpacing religious fervour, as advent calendars for cats and dogs outnumber religion-themed equivalents 2.5 times to one. Are kittens really cuter – and more appropriate for the holidays – than Jesus?



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    Religious people can find that everything from ethical codes to long-term decisions are affected by their choice to believe. Yet despite the fact these belief systems hold such weight over those that adopt them, marketers and media outlets alike shy away from religion. Why?

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    Harvey Nichols’ special Christmas collection encourages people to buy “a little something” for their loved ones – so they can buy “a bigger something” for themselves.