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  • China embraces online-to-offline spending
  • China embraces online-to-offline spending
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China embraces online-to-offline spending

Trawling through markets while being assaulted by assorted sights, smells and sounds has always been a part of Chinese city life, and now swiping a smartphone to pay for items could be, too. Chinese consumers are using their smartphones to pay for anything and everything.



  • Retailers cash in on Chinese singletons Retailers cash in on Chinese singletons

    'Treat yo self!’ They're the immortal words of Tom Haverford and Donna Meagle on Parks and Recreation, and the mantra of Chinese holiday, Singles' Day. As people let loose and live by those words for a day, retailers can expect huge profits, making steps to guarantee it.

  • US puts Black Friday online in China US puts Black Friday online in China

    Black Friday – a day of flash sales after Thanksgiving designed to kick-start Christmas shopping – is a shopping phenomenon in the US. And despite being intrinsically linked with an American holiday, it’s gaining traction across Europe. But can the Black Friday madness extend to China?

  • Article image Why luxury is a way of life in China

    Renowned for an insatiable appetite for luxury, within ten years China will account for 50% of global luxury purchases. But as discretion becomes the mark of distinction, who are these luxury consumers, how are their tastes evolving and what compels them to part with their cash?

  • Article image Topshop & ShangPin: fuelling China's mobile shopping habit

    Do physical stores matter any more in China? When Topshop launched in China in 2014 it didn’t bother with bricks and mortar. Instead, taking cues from its Gen Y customers (who spend up to 30% of their day online), it partnered with an established fashion website. Is this non-traditional route proving a hit?