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  • Sarcastic people are more successful
  • Sarcastic people are more successful
    Pedro Ribeiro Simoes (2010) ©

Sarcastic people are more successful

Sarcasm is often derided as the lowest form of wit, but according to new study, it could be the highest form of intelligence. With findings suggesting that sarcasm can help people become brighter and more creative, those who love a biting quip might actually experience greater success in life.



  • Article image Hans Brinker: the hostel promising an honestly horrible holiday

    Many hostels are keen to premiumise their offerings to distance themselves from damning stereotypes – no towels, filthy rooms and wealthy, wasted 20-somethings. But the Hans Brinker Budget Hotel wears its inadequacy as a badge of honour, winning the hearts of Gen Y globetrotters.

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    Renowned for being ‘always on’, do Gen Yers ever take a break from their social circles? Are they addicted to Facebook? Have they really got no time for a phone call? Canvas8 sat down with Brits between the ages of 18 and 35 to find out how they really keep in touch.

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    Should brands be provocateurs? Why do we expect our social networks to work harder? How can shaming be a force for good? And why tuning out the things we don't want to hear is easier than ever.

  • Ambient sounds boost creativity Ambient sounds boost creativity

    Inspired by research that says the whoosh of espresso machines and coffee shop chatter create the right level of background noise to stimulate creativity, a new website Coffitivity plays an ambient coffee shop soundtrack to help people concentrate.