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  • Pura Scents is a smart air freshener for men
  • Pura Scents is a smart air freshener for men
    Pura Scents (2015) ©

Pura Scents is a smart air freshener for men

Scented candles and floral air fresheners haven’t typically been marketed at men. But will Pura Scents – a smart air freshener that can be controlled via smartphone – become the home fragrance of choice for the house-proud man? And will manic Febreezing of furniture be a thing of the past?



  • Article image Philips Hue wireless dimming kit: smartening up home technology

    By the end of 2015, 20 million US households will have a smart home device. But while brands keep releasing tech, many people remain underwhelmed. Philips now hopes to make smart home lighting simple with its wireless dimming kit, but can it spark interest in the modern, connected home?

  • Article image Do our homes need a detox?

    With media and researchers exposing the chemical nasties found in everyday products – from air fresheners to washing powders – consumers across the world are facing up to a hidden health crisis. With indoor pollutant levels two to five times higher than outdoor, is it time our homes had a detox?

  • Article image Are smart homes a dumb idea?

    As you leave for work, you yell “lock” and “camera on” to keep the house secure, before telling your vacuum to clean the bedroom carpet while you're out. It's not a sci-fi film - the technology is available now. But do we really want our homes to be controlled by technology?

  • Article image Reassuring parents at Jessica Alba’s Honest Company

    In line with the growing popularity of sustainable and organic baby products, Hollywood actress Jessica Alba has launched The Honest Company.