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  • A smart enhancement for watch enthusiasts
  • A smart enhancement for watch enthusiasts
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A smart enhancement for watch enthusiasts

Following the announcement of the Apple Watch, luxury watchmakers are racing to launch similar devices, with TAG Heuer, Mondaine and Breitling all announcing their own versions. But how many watch enthusiasts want to exchange a classic timepiece for a short-lived digital version?



  • Article image Bamford Watch Department: luxury timepieces made more exclusive

    Whether it’s Snoopy’s face on a Rolex or a Patek Philippe with a carbon coating, Bamford Watch Department helps clients own a truly one-of-a-kind timepiece. With more and more HNWIs looking for the personal touch, is customised luxury the newest hallmark of rarefied society?

  • The smartwatch that's moved beyond apps The smartwatch that's moved beyond apps

    Does a smart watch really need to have its own messaging app? Or an mp3 player? That's the thinking behind the Model One smartwatch developed by Olio. Rather than giving you separate apps, Olio's watch gives you everything you need to stay connected in one unified interface.

  • Article image Will the smartwatch kill the wristwatch?

    Are traditional watches under threat of extinction by the evolution of the smartwatch? Or is the mechanical timepiece truly timeless? Apple’s iWatch is making stalwarts like TAG Heuer and Swatch rethink, so what do we really want to wear on our wrists?

  • A smartwatch from Swatch A smartwatch from Swatch

    Payments at the flick of a wrist. Directions to dinner with a brief glance at that miniature screen. Smartwatches promise to make our lives easier, but in a market populated with products from big tech guns like Apple and Samsung, can a traditional watch manufacturer like Swatch stand out?