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  • How people buy for birthdays
  • How people buy for birthdays
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How people buy for birthdays

People’s inclinations to purchase products change throughout the year. But while brands are quick to market around holidays like Christmas and Easter, birthdays often go ignored as consumers are impacted at different times of the year. So how do people spend around their birthdays?



  • Article image How are Brits shopping for Christmas?

    Christmas seems to come earlier every year – or at least the marketing and advertising frenzy that precedes it. Festive madness is becoming even more all-conquering since the arrival of Black Friday in the UK, but how has the way Brits shop and think about Christmas changed? 

  • Article image Argos Birthday Club: taking the pain out of kids’ party planning

    Kids birthday parties are pricey. UK parents spend more than £200 on cake, entertainment and party bags each year. Argos has launched a Birthday Club to aid party-stricken parents, offering ideas, tips and 20% off party essentials. Could it become the go-to brand for setting birthdays off with a bang?

  • Give to charity for your friend’s birthday Give to charity for your friend’s birthday

    On their birthdays, Facebook users receive well-wishes from about 24% of their friends list. In June 2014, Brazilian start-up Máquina do Bem started taking advantage of this by allowing Facebook friends to give a donation to charity as a gift.

  • Send the birthday boy a Bud on Facebook Send the birthday boy a Bud on Facebook

    It's become the norm to simply send a Facebook message on a friend’s birthday. Budweiser is hoping to add a more personal touch by trialing a campaign that lets members of the social network gift a Bud on their friends’ birthdays.