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  • The fintech start-up helping established giants
  • The fintech start-up helping established giants
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The fintech start-up helping established giants

Fintech start-ups are commonly positioned as a threat to established financial institutions, providing consumers with more digital ways to bank. Toronto-based Dream Payments, however, is taking a different approach, aiming to help established giants rather than hurt them.



  • Article image Nutmeg: money management for the masses

    The investment industry was once only open to the very wealthy, but Nutmeg now wants to offer money management to the masses. Its user-friendly platform has people invest small amounts, letting Nutmeg do all the hard work. But will people trust an online start-up with their savings?

  • Article image Number26: giving German money a modern makeover

    In Germany, where 80% of transactions are carried out in cash, card payments aren’t considered secure. Fintech start-up Number26 intends to change this perception, as – even in the land of pretzels, biergartens and traditionalism – people begin to test the waters of digital banking.

  • Article image SocietyOne: young Aussies borrow crowdfunded cash

    For a generation of young Australians, traditional banking models are losing their lustre, and the financial sector is getting a digital shakedown. Whether you need a loan to buy livestock or help through medical school, peer-to-peer lender SocietyOne is offering a different solution.

  • Article image Atom: the digital bank splitting high street competition

    As branches close and an increasing number of consumers use app-based finance services, high street banks are at a crossroads, with online alternatives set to further shake things up. Atom is a digital-only bank with a range of consumer and business accounts, but can it take digital banking nuclear?