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  • Helping the handicapped get around
  • Helping the handicapped get around
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Helping the handicapped get around

Getting around is a challenge for those in wheelchairs, particularly when it comes to finding accessible taxis or public transportation. In order to give a helping hand to the disabled community, a French start-up is connecting wheelchair-bound individuals with affordable, accessible rental cars.



  • Businesses aren't meeting needs of the disabled Businesses aren't meeting needs of the disabled

    Businesses in the service industry already know that providing for the needs of their customers is paramount. But why, in an age where people can check-in to their hotels online and order room service at any hour of the day, are disabled-access hotel rooms still viewed as unappealing?

  • Hatchback for wheelchair users Hatchback for wheelchair users

    Kenguru is an electric car for wheelchair users. By entering the car via the rear hatch of the car, drivers use motorbike-like steering and controls. Being electric, the car will benefit from energy and mobility tax incentives from the government.

  • Article image A cure for bad design?

    With functionality a top priority, medical products often lose out on aesthetics. But with a new focus on holistic, humanised design, innovative brands are sparking a healthcare revolution.

  • Article image Hypersensitive! The new political correctness

    As issues of representation and diversity come to the fore in a connected world of social media, how is the new political correctness changing the way organisations communicate?