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  • Aussies go online for luxury
  • Aussies go online for luxury
    Hernán Piñera (2013) ©

Aussies go online for luxury

The luxury market in Australia is now worth $1.1 billion and it's predicted that e-commerce will account for up to 18% of sales by 2025. These big spenders are turning to their iPads to shop; the average luxury basket online jumped from $190 in 2013 to $420 in 2015. What’s making them spend?



  • Noma attracts luxury diners in Sydney Noma attracts luxury diners in Sydney

    Australia offers more than sunny skies and the expanse of the outback. While the nation is commonly associated with laid back, outdoor adventures, there’s been an increasing focus on the development of the luxury market and, as a result, the country's culinary scene has been getting classier.

  • Article image What makes a luxury lifestyle in Australia?

    Australia is now home to 30 billionaires and 3,350 UHNWIs with a total wealth of $410 billion. As this group has grown in size and riches, it’s created a boom in the country’s luxury sector. But what are wealthy Aussies spending their money and – more importantly – their time on?

  • Now you can virtually customise your Ferrari Now you can virtually customise your Ferrari

    Ferrari has developed an augmented reality showroom app that's intended to enhance the customer experience in its showrooms. The AR technology enables customers to virtually swap colours, panels or tires, and share the result with friends before cashing in on their customised car.

  • Article image Sass & Bide: stepping inside the world of fashion

    Australian women’s fashion retailer Sass & Bide launched its Spring 2014 campaign with the world’s first interactive, shoppable ‘3D’ advert, FREETOWN. But as digital and luxury continue to merge, will it dilute or magnify exclusivity?