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  • Mascara joins the internet of things
  • Mascara joins the internet of things
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Mascara joins the internet of things

When you think of smart objects and connected gadgetry, what springs to mind? Most likely fridges and phones and other household practicalities. But if L’Oréal’s latest research project is successful, mascara will be the latest addition to the ever-evolving Internet Of Things.



  • Article image Lexon Fine: gadgets that really go with your Gucci

    Technology aimed at women is often slammed for being ‘girly’. But at a time when a gold Apple Watch could be as coveted a fashion accessory as a Gucci handbag, stylish technology has never been more sought after. Lexon Design’s ‘Fine’ collection is feminine technology without the frills.

  • Article image Is the internet always the answer?

    With the news of Samsung spying through televisions, Ford bugging cars and yesterday’s internet wunderkinds – Google, Facebook, Amazon – feeling like today’s big corporates, internet critic Andrew Keen gives his views on potential digital dystopias in his book The Internet Is Not The Answer.

  • Article image Stowaway: ‘right size’ make-up for women on the go

    Handbag real estate is in short supply. Women carry around 40 items in their bags – from iPhones, to spare knickers. Stowaway makes ‘right sized’ cosmetics; small enough to be slipped into a clutch. Can this tiny beauty brand disrupt the big players in a $60 billion beauty industry?

  • China's beauty market is embracing technology China's beauty market is embracing technology

    China is renowned for its early adoption of technology - from phablets to digital wallets, China is at the forefront. Now, China's beauty market is embracing technological advances and gadgets hoping that China's love of innovation will translate to this sector.