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  • Aussies have a good work-life balance
  • Aussies have a good work-life balance
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Aussies have a good work-life balance

With longer working hours, busy social lives and hyperconnectivity drawing everything together via mobile, it's perhaps unsurprising that the fast pace of life is a common complaint for so many people. But not in Australia. People are happy with the amount of free time they have Down Under.



  • Work is stressing Aussies out Work is stressing Aussies out

    When you think of Aussie stereotypes, fun-loving and beer-drinking are certainly up there. The sunshine would lead you to think that life’s a beach down under. But the Australian Psychological Society’s survey of stress and wellbeing found that 2014 was a tough year; particularly for Aussie men.

  • Australians prefer to work as they go Australians prefer to work as they go

    The Australian workforce falls predominantly into two camps; the overworked, 41 hours a week and above workers, and the hand-to-mouth, 15 hours and below. But the sharing economy is paving the intersection with work-as-you-go employment, and Aussies are finding better ways to make ends meet.

  • Article image Is work the new religion?

    As having a strong work ethic is increasingly valued and respected, being hard-working no longer means you’re a geek. On the contrary, it's becoming a preferable lifestyle choice.

  • Article image Home economics: how work is influencing family life

    With the number of working parents on the rise, quality time with the family is becoming increasingly hard to organise. Parents are looking to a new source of inspiration for help: business.