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  • McDonald’s trials organic burger in Germany
  • McDonald’s trials organic burger in Germany
    Sascha Kohlmann (2014) ©

McDonald’s trials organic burger in Germany

Fancy some organic fast food? McDonald’s Germany is debuting the chain’s first ever organic burger for a limited time – to begin with, at least. But will this new menu addition lead customers to make inevitable comparisons between the McB and the rest of the brand's menu?



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    Did you know that the doner kebab was invented in Berlin? Or that Germans had cottoned on to kale way before it was cool? Canvas8 sat down with Ursula Heinzelmann – former chef and author of Beyond Bratwurstto get a flavour of what German foodies really serve up for dinner.

  • Article image McDonald’s Eat-In: slowing down fast food

    News that McDonald’s profits fell 21% in Q4 2015 highlighted how the brand had lost touch with consumers. Trials in Australia and the Netherlands aim to make the brand relevant again, but can customisable menus and more comfortable restaurants bring people back through the golden arches?

  • Campbell's launches first organic soup Campbell's launches first organic soup

    Four in five American families now choose organic foods at least some of the time. Through the launch of the Campbell's Organic range, the iconic soup brand is hoping to serve this taste and stay ahead of competitors. But will it be enough to revive this ailing food category?

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    People want big brands to consider the planet as well as their patrons. Chipotle is ahead in this game, with its hybrid campaign The Scarecrow demonstrating the power of storytelling.