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  • Heinz’s Heroes appear as school begins
  • Heinz’s Heroes appear as school begins
    D464 Darren Hall (2015) ©

Heinz’s Heroes appear as school begins

Heinz is hoping to bring some excitement to tea time with the launch of its ‘After School Heroes’ campaign, promoting quick and easy meals that kids will love. As the new school year dawns, parents are rushing to make sure they’ve got everything they need, and Heinz’s Heroes are ready to help.



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    Chicken Town: fast food in disguise

    Just under a quarter of children in London are obese, and with over 8,000 fried chicken shops spread across the capital, junk food is a major contributing factor. Tottenham-based Chicken Town offers up a healthy alternative to the greasy meal, but will school kids be able to stomach it?

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    AquaBall: The stealthy, healthy drink for kids

    Coke is addictively fizzy and OJ is a deliciously sweet nectar, especially for kids. How has AquaBall – water with no sugar, artificial colours, flavours or calories – nabbed 2% market share in two short years? What’s in AquaBall’s recipe that makes it such a success?

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    Who wants chatty packaging?

    Packaging doesn't just protect contents and indicate ingredients – it now talks like we're best friends. It’s friendly, cheery and even cheeky. But do we really want our food and beauty products to hit on us? What makes successful chatty packaging, and when do we want it to shut up?

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    Cheerios Family Breakfast Project: a social start to the day

    In today's busy world, family mealtime is often neglected. Cereal brand Cheerios wants to make breakfast - the most important meal of the day - a more fulfilling family experience.