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  • Mad Max franchise champions disability
  • Mad Max franchise champions disability
    Mad Max: Fury Road (2015) ©

Mad Max franchise champions disability

Around 15% of the world’s population has a disability, but they're rarely seen in pop culture; only 1% of characters have a disability in American TV shows. Yet there's one film and game franchise where this isn’t the case. Almost every major character in Mad Max is a person with a disability.



  • Businesses aren't meeting needs of the disabled Businesses aren't meeting needs of the disabled

    Businesses in the service industry already know that providing for the needs of their customers is paramount. But why, in an age where people can check-in to their hotels online and order room service at any hour of the day, are disabled-access hotel rooms still viewed as unappealing?

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    Eleven years after its debut, the Fast and Furious franchise is more lucrative than ever. The latest is the third film ever to break $1 billion in the box office. But is its success down to cars, girls and explosions? Or does it offer something no other franchise does – a cast as diverse as its audience?

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    Comic book heroes are becoming a medium through which to discuss sensitive social issues. And from Kamala Khan to the Burka Avenger, leading the march is an army of powerful Muslim women.

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    As issues of representation and diversity come to the fore in a connected world of social media, how is the new political correctness changing the way organisations communicate?