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  • India’s astrology start-up boom
  • India’s astrology start-up boom
    Niyantha Shekar (2014) ©

India’s astrology start-up boom

India is the world’s third largest start-up ecosystem, and it's experiencing an unexpected boom in astrology-related online ventures. From Astrospeak, a mobile app offering astrological services, to Monkvyasa, a marketplace for the occult sciences, why are India’s start-ups looking to the stars?



  • Article image How India’s street culture is championing change

    India’s Gen Y are champions of change, caring less about a career in the West and more about community issues. They’re using skating, hip hop and graffiti to build positivity in young women, transform urban spaces and drive India’s artistic reputation. How are brands reaching this ‘Heart Generation’?

  • India tops the world for m-commerce India tops the world for m-commerce

    India’s smartphone boom is rapidly increasing the number of people with internet access; the number of those online is expected to double to over 500 million by 2020. This shift is having a profound effect on how Indians are shopping, with m-commerce becoming hugely popular.

  • Article image Chumbak: selling kitsch to Gen Y in India

    Chumbak is an apparel and homeware brand that pokes fun at Indian life. From its humble beginnings as a home-based business, it's grown to more than 30 stores via digital marketing. But how has it engaged India’s Gen Y with fridge magnets featuring the everyday sights of their native country?

  • Article image All India Bakchod: talking rubbish to India’s youth

    All India Bakchod is a YouTube comedy group that amassed 60 million views in 2014. In leaving traditional models of TV and film tie-ups behind, they've built a formidable fan base. How have they transformed YouTube into the perfect platform for brands who want to connect with India’s youth?