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  • The return of the humble pen
  • The return of the humble pen
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The return of the humble pen

Remember those early touchscreen phones that came with a stylus? Better yet, do you remember the classic pen (of pen-and-paper fame), which enabled us to write whatever we wanted outside of the available fonts? Don’t get too nostalgic; the humble pen could be set to make a comeback.



  • Why people are still handwriting instead of typing? Why people are still handwriting instead of typing?

    Typing has made handwriting seem pointless, if not quite completely obsolete. So why are people continuing to buy and use paper notebooks? A new study proves that handwriting enthusiasts are not just hopeless romantics, but actually have a legitimate reason for preferring ink on paper.

  • Nostalgia makes us more creative Nostalgia makes us more creative

    "I’d trade all my tomorrows for just one yesterday," lamented Willie Nelson in 1966. For many, the allure of the past is irresistible. And now, research from the University of Southampton thinks there could be a link between that familiar feeling of nostalgia and creativity.

  • Article image HP Sprout: designing the creative desktop

    In 2014 Apple laptop sales grew a steady 5%, while sales of PC’s decreased by 2%. Why would anyone buy a clunky desktop when tablets and laptops can be carried in your handbag? Can HP buck this trend with Sprout, a creative desktop that does away with a keyboard and a mouse?

  • Article image Moleskine: the notebook brand gets a digital makeover

    When you think of pens, you might think of Parker. When you think of notes, you'll probably think of Post-it. And when you think of notebooks, you think of Moleskine. But how has the traditional paper brand managed to successfully reinvent itself in the digital age?