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  • Aussies are going organic
  • Aussies are going organic
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Aussies are going organic

When people think of typical Australian food, the image of a barbeque and a beer may come to mind. But with Aussies more health conscious than ever, that barbeque is more likely to be served up with a large side of organic salad and the beer swapped for some low-calorie coconut water.



  • Article image Why are more Aussies shopping local?

    Half of Aussies say buying local is the most important thing to do to strengthen the economy. And it's not just older generations shopping with their local grocer – 20% of Gen Y support local businesses by promoting them online. Why are Aussies turning down the big boys in favour of smaller brands?

  • Wellness is becoming a new status symbol Wellness is becoming a new status symbol

    From green smoothies to coconut water, grass-fed meats to all-natural skincare, Australia is reaching for a new kind of luxury synonymous with the upper echelons of society. Wellness has become a status symbol – the only irrefutable way to make a statement about how privileged you are.

  • Article image Bakers Delight Healthy Loafstyle: bread in the age of gluten-free

    In Australia, one in five women feel guilty when eating bread, and almost 40% would enjoy eating bread more often if healthy alternatives were more accessible. In August 2014, Bakers Delight introduced its ‘Healthy Loafstyle’ – a range of ‘health-orientated’ bread.

  • Australians look for junk food alternatives Australians look for junk food alternatives

    Despite 61% of Australians being overweight and obese, there are signs that things are changing. Following the huge popularity of fast food in recent years, growing health awareness has led to changing eating habits, and people are embracing healthier and more diverse food.