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  • Putting the fun back into photography
  • Putting the fun back into photography
    Oll Raqwe (2015) ©

Putting the fun back into photography

The Camera Restricta, created by designer Philipp Schmitt, ensures that you won't end up taking cliché pictures on your travels. It uses geotagging and GPS to bring originality back to photography and make pictures on social network feeds a little less repetitive in the holiday season.



  • An analogue camera thriving in a digital age An analogue camera thriving in a digital age

    Digital technology is killing most physical media – from CDs to newspapers. But what about analogue photography? Lomography is a 23-year-old camera company that's weathered the onslaught of both digital cameras and the smartphone explosion by sticking to its old-school roots.

  • Article image Leica M Edition 60: revising the digital camera

    Over 27,800 photos are uploaded to Instagram every minute, and 1.8 billion photos are shared via smartphones and tablets daily. Leica is attempting to buck the trend for instant gratification with the launch of the Leica M Edition 60 camera – which doesn’t have an image display.

  • Article image Why we prefer real life with an Instagram filter

    More than 60% of women believe social media is influencing today’s definition of beauty, more than magazines, film or music. But with Instagram filters and self-editing becoming the norm, what does this mean for those who are less than picture-perfect? And is actual authenticity a thing of the past?

  • Article image Smart response: how Canon refocused photography

    With smartphone cameras making it easy to snap and share, digital camera sales have declined – but by combining the best of both, Canon's 100D appeals to amateurs and professionals alike.