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  • Smartening up to cut down energy bills
  • Smartening up to cut down energy bills
    Svein Halvor Halvorsen (2008) ©

Smartening up to cut down energy bills

New generation gas and electricity meters are helping people keep track of how much energy they’re using, and those that already have them think everyone should get involved. New research shows that people with a smart meter are most likely to recommend it their nearest and dearest.



  • Article image SolarCity: saving some cash to save the planet

    Solar power is no longer just for eco warriors. Energy efficiency has become a status symbol, and 80% of US homeowners say it impacts their home-buying decision. Can SolarCity, with it’s easy-to-install panels, persuade people to invest in solar and save money whilst also saving the planet?

  • Article image Who wants to be in control of their energy bills?

    People loathe energy companies; only one in six Brits trusts them to work in their best interests. And yet, as smart meters become the norm, customers are choosing tariffs that give them less control, handing the reigns back to the providers. So what’s going on?

  • Article image Tesla Powerwall: sparking an energy revolution

    Seen as the ‘missing piece’ to a clean energy future by Tesla’s CEO Elon Musk, Powerwall is a battery that stores electricity from solar panels, or from the grid when utility rates are low. Available for your home and for businesses, can Powerwall spark an energy system revolution?

  • Article image Nest Thermostat turns up the heat

    Tony Fadell, the man who helped oversee the design of Apple's iPod and iPhone, has designed a new thermostat that can 'learn' the patterns of its users.