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  • Kids in pubs annoy the regulars
  • Kids in pubs annoy the regulars
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Kids in pubs annoy the regulars

As alcohol consumption declines and people increasingly choose to drink at home, pubs are looking to bring in new audiences by focusing on food and families. While this change in appeal is helping to drive higher footfall, there’s something that annoying the pub regulars.



  • Article image Are Gen X a bunch of alcoholics?

    While Gen Y binge drink their way through their 20s, Gen X are quietly knocking back the chardonnays. From stressed out city workers to busy mums, alcohol helps us all wind down. But where is the line between enjoying a glass of two of wine and alcohol dependency? 

  • Pubs diversify their appeal to survive Pubs diversify their appeal to survive

    It’s a difficult time for pubs. In the nine months to December 2013, 28 pubs were closing every week, up from 18 in 2012. But research suggests there is a recipe for survival, with pubs that offer separate areas for different type of customers proving a success.

  • Article image How are Brits really boozing?

    Brits are drinking less – a drop of 16% from 2004 to 2012 – and even 16- to 24-year-olds aren’t bingeing like they once did. Rather than boozing at the pub, they're pouring a perfect pint at home. But why have drinking habits changed? What does it mean for pubs and beer brands?

  • Article image Pubs with Retail

    As the recession claims village shops, Glynn Davis visits the pubs in rural Britain selling pints of milk as well as lager.