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  • Back-to-school shopping is a bargain hunt
  • Back-to-school shopping is a bargain hunt
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Back-to-school shopping is a bargain hunt

Young people are beginning to shop more like their parents – seeking out bargains and waiting for full-priced items to go on sale. As parents and children alike adopt thriftier habits  dodging big brands and reusing clothes back-to-school shopping sprees are on the decline.



  • Teens are as thrifty as their parents Teens are as thrifty as their parents

    Retailers have been reeling off the back of the news teen shopping centre visits are down 30%, with some naming it the death knell for the mall. But as brands like A&F struggle with this shift, it’s becoming increasingly apparent that even those who do visit the mall aren’t shopping in the same way.

  • The rise of mom-commerce The rise of mom-commerce

    There's nothing more stressful than having a baby, and savvy retailers are helping mothers shorten the lengthy process of researching and figuring out what’s needed, promising to do much of the heavy lifting and supporting new mothers with same-day deliveries and baby boxes.

  • Article image 2015 Expert Outlook on Shopping

    How important is click and collect? What changes will supermarkets have to make to survive? How will shoppers become even more savvy? And which retailers are the ones to watch? As part of our Expert Outlook 2015 series we speak to three retail experts about the future of shopping.

  • Article image Who buys their skinny jeans in a supermarket?

    Having reshaped the British grocery landscape, discount supermarket Lidl has announced its first fashion line. As competition for ‘top UK supermarket’ steps up, is selling jeans next to the milk aisle now non-negotiable? And what does it say about our changing shopping habits?