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  • Realtor lets you try a house before you buy
  • Realtor lets you try a house before you buy
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Realtor lets you try a house before you buy

Buying a new property is a big commitment and not something that most people can afford to dive straight into. Thanks to estate agent Realtor, customers in the US can find out if their next potential house feels like a place they'd be happy to call home before they make a purchase.



  • Japanese home buyers offered ‘test stays’ Japanese home buyers offered ‘test stays’

    We can try out most things before we buy them, whether it's an iPhone or a new car. But when it comes to homes – one of the most important purchases we'll make – we're usually only allowed a brief tour before making that crucial decision. But in Japan that's no longer the case.

  • Article image PIRCH: try out a bath before you buy it

    Home improvement stores are rarely a joy to walk around. Sprawling shop floors packed with rack upon rack of disconnected fixtures make for a pretty miserable Sunday shopping trip. But in a PIRCH showroom, customers can take a shower or cook up a storm, all while they're still in store.

  • Article image GU Fitting: borrow a bag before you buy

    Nearly 50% of people return clothes bought online, for reasons from the wrong fit to not liking the colour. But what if you could experience owning things without having to buy them first? The GU Fitting service in Japan lets people try an outfit for a day before paying for it.

  • Article image What does a Millennial’s home look like?

    In 2013, property prices in the UK increased by over 11%. Living spaces may be getting more expensive (and smaller) but new schemes aim to make houses better connected and personally serviced too. How are people and brands reacting to the changing nature of our homes?