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  • Leaves of Trees provides all-natural skincare
  • Leaves of Trees provides all-natural skincare
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Leaves of Trees provides all-natural skincare

Natural cosmetics are enjoying increasingly positive attention as minerals become a major selling point for beauty brands. In 2015, Toronto-based Leaves of Trees launched with an all-natural beauty range of its own. What can other brands learn by taking a leaf out of its book?



  • Algae promises to be the new superfood Algae promises to be the new superfood

    An increasing number of people are seeking to eat less meat, whether for health, ethical or environmental reasons. But when Meatless Monday comes around, what can these conscientious diners hope to find on the menu for protein? How about some algae-based plant proteins?

  • Article image Mother Dirt: rethinking the meaning of clean

    Science has long been used by cosmetics brands to assert themselves as authorities on beauty and well-being. But consumers are shrewder than ever. Mother Dirt is different; it's the brainchild of a scientist. But can beauty buffs get to grips with cosmetics containing live bacteria?

  • Article image Frank: a natural body scrub that talks dirty

    One in ten women can’t go a day without using an exfoliating product. Frank is a coffee body scrub born in Australia, with natural credentials and a ‘cheeky personality’ that encourages its fans to post semi-naked selfies. But can it become a hit with Gen Y women worldwide?

  • Article image Natural Mindset

    People want to get closer to nature mentally and physically, embracing all that’s perceived to be pure and wholesome.