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  • Byline brings crowdfunding to journalism
  • Byline brings crowdfunding to journalism
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Byline brings crowdfunding to journalism

Journalism has found itself at a crossroads in the digital age. And with many favouring listicles and sponsored content over long-form articles, certain forms of journalism are under threat. Byline is a start-up hoping to change this, using crowdfunding to help journalists write independent content.



  • Article image Do goldfish really have longer attention spans than humans?

    According to research, goldfish now officially have longer attention spans than humans. But is it really that simple? Canvas8 sits down with Faris Yakob, author of Paid Attention: Innovative Advertising for a Digital World to discuss how human attention is changing and why it’s so important.

  • Article image Coda Story: how slow journalism provides a different kind of scoop

    Today’s news outlets are like Twitter feeds; filled with short articles to quickly read, but rarely revisit. Coda Story is different. It offers a thematic approach to news stories, analysing all the major events as they unfold. But what’s the point of long form articles if no one wants to read them?

  • Riding the 'live journalism' wave Riding the 'live journalism' wave

    Since its launch in 2009, Pop-Up Magazine – where journalism is performed as a live event – has gone from strength to strength. With sell-out shows, and now a spin-off print publication, is Pop-Up scratching an itch for shared consumption that traditional journalism can't?

  • Article image Bite-sized stories: why Circa gets mobile

    Following the transformation from print to online news, which saw many newspapers adopt paywalls, the news industry is adapting again – this time for mobile devices.