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  • Luxury art holidays sell VIP access
  • Luxury art holidays sell VIP access
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Luxury art holidays sell VIP access

Attending VIP champagne receptions, accessing exquisite private collections, enjoying the world’s most esteemed art historians as tour guides; the Art Fund's luxury holidays are based around great creative moments in history, but what justifies the price is exclusive access.



  • Banksy’s Dismaland is a theme park for art Banksy’s Dismaland is a theme park for art

    Faceless artist and political activist Banksy is best-known for the graffiti displays that are sprawled across buildings in cities worldwide. But in his latest offering to the art world, he’s gone one step further. Welcome to Dismaland, the ’family theme park unsuitable for small children’.

  • Instagram ignites the art world Instagram ignites the art world

    Instagram has proved immensely popular for people looking to share their most photogenic moments, but it’s also been big for industries that revolve around aesthetic appeal like fashion, retail and the art industry. Now more than ever, the platform is fuelling sales of artists’ work.

  • Article image How museums became theme parks for learning

    It’s easy to think that museums aren't relevant, but the success of the David Bowie exhibition at the V&A and the Matisse Cutouts show at the Tate Modern says otherwise. How is the museum evolving to meet the needs of people more interested in their smartphones than ancient artefacts?

  • Article image Electric Objects: digital masterpieces for the 21st century art collector

    Music, film and publishing are all part of our digital lives, but the art world remains stubbornly offline. Electric Objects, a digital frame that displays “the most beautiful parts of the internet”, wants to make hanging a GIF on your wall as instinctive as downloading a film.