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  • LG tablet appeals with longer battery life
  • LG tablet appeals with longer battery life
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LG tablet appeals with longer battery life

“My battery runs out all the time,” vents 27-year-old Natalie. “It never lasts.” Natalie might be talking about her smartphone, but low battery life is a universal irritation on any device. In a declining market, LG is betting that a longer battery life will get people buying tablets again.



  • Article image UK Gen Y on Communications

    Renowned for being ‘always on’, do Gen Yers ever take a break from their social circles? Are they addicted to Facebook? Have they really got no time for a phone call? Canvas8 sat down with Brits between the ages of 18 and 35 to find out how they really keep in touch.

  • Article image Solarbox: turning phone boxes from red to green

    As developments in mobile technology mean we do everything from plan journeys to order pizza on-the-go, that 'low battery' icon is more present than ever, and it's making us anxious – 92% of Brits get stressed if their phone dies. Could Solarbox be the solution we've been waiting for?

  • Wireless charging at McDonald's Wireless charging at McDonald's

    Two thirds of us suffer from nomophobia – no-mobile-phone-phobia. And whether at work or out with friends, it’s true that when your phone runs out of power, at the very least it’s inconvenient. McDonald’s is combatting this by installing wireless charging points.

  • Article image London’s Wi-Fi Bus: keeping commuters connected

    About 7,500 iconic red buses carry over six million London passengers each weekday - and with new Wi-Fi connectivity, commuters can catch up with work emails. But do they want to be ‘always on’? Will they miss their down-time staring out the window on the top deck of the 73?