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  • GBBO fans head to Waitrose
  • GBBO fans head to Waitrose
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GBBO fans head to Waitrose

The return of The Great British Bake Off has affected more than just fans' waistlines. Following ‘biscuit week’ – week two of the BBC programme – sales of almonds rose by 100%, dried cranberries by 47% and star anise by 43% as people were inspired to get creative in the kitchen.



  • Article image MasterChef Junior: why cooking and cute are a recipe for ratings

    From overblown tantrums to joyful tears to Gordon Ramsey covered in cream, the experiences of the MasterChef Junior participants have drawn 5.4 million viewers – and reflect what Gen Z wants from their food. But what is it about kids in the kitchen that makes a recipe for success?

  • UK home baking is in decline UK home baking is in decline

    While The Great British Bake-Off attracted more viewers than an England football match in September 2014, baking in the UK home is steadily declining. While over 85% of UK adults baked at home in 2013, this figure dropped to just over three quarters (77%) in 2014.

  • Article image Hello Fresh: pretending to scratch cook every night of the week

    People in the UK love to cook. Nearly 60% actually prefer to cook at home rather than eat out. But they don't have enough time. Is meal subscription service Hello Fresh the answer? It gives the illusion of scratch cooking, with each meal taking only 30 minutes to put together.

  • Article image The rise and rise of cookery lessons

    Lessons in food and cookery are becoming increasingly popular in the UK. This is due to a growing interest in food and a demand for expert advice.