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  • A rap shaming Unilever goes viral in India
  • A rap shaming Unilever goes viral in India
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A rap shaming Unilever goes viral in India

“Unilever came and left devastation as they exposed the land to contamination,” raps Sofia Ashraf in a YouTube video that's been viewed over 1.7 million times to date. The rap – set to the beat of Nicki Minaj’s ‘Anaconda’ – is shaming Hindustan Unilever for toxic waste disposal.



  • Article image Do our homes need a detox?

    With media and researchers exposing the chemical nasties found in everyday products – from air fresheners to washing powders – consumers across the world are facing up to a hidden health crisis. With indoor pollutant levels two to five times higher than outdoor, is it time our homes had a detox?

  • Article image Can shame save the world?

    Public shaming is back on the agenda. From fears of being photographed eating on the tube, to apps that erase pics from the night before – the spectre of public criticism looms large. Has social media revived this age-old mechanism of control? Or can shame be a force for positive change? 

  • Article image Tianjin Eco-City: a greener life for Chinese urbanites

    The Chinese urban population is set to increase by 13 million every year between now and 2030. But with 95% of China’s cities falling short of environmental standards, the government is urgently seeking greener models for urban living. Will eco-cities be China’s cities of the future?

  • Devices for tracking the environment Devices for tracking the environment

    With the cost of sensors dropping, it's easier than ever for start-ups to build connected hardware. With data-collecting wearables setting a precedent, a new type of tracker is emerging. Just like calories and steps, people are now tracking air pollution and UV levels.